TP Tourism Consultants

New branding, stationery and website holding page for the start-up tourism consultancy

About This Project

This client approached us to create branding, stationery and a website for a start-up business. Established by Tina Price, a senior media industry professional and travel trade specialist, TP Tourism Consultants provides a range of consultancy services which are tailor-made to the specific needs of businesses and organisations that are actively involved in the tourism sector.

We designed the logo first, as this defined the brand image. The TP logo is a stylish monogram which we combined with the contemporary and warm tone of the san-serif typeface. The mark needed to feel confident and sophisticated whilst being able to grow with the start-up, as well as well as being friendly and approachable.

Based on the branding we created, we designed and developed an image-led one page site to show off the tourism destinations that the company focuses on. The responsive page allows visitors to browse through the main services and contact Tina on any device. The site was designed to be simple and functional, with a view to expanding as the business grows.
"I contacted Verve looking for help creating a new corporate identity and a simple website that would introduce my start up tourism consultancy business. I didn’t need anything overly complicated but it needed to look sleek, professional and contain information that potential clients would need. I am very happy with the finished website. I love the icons and the colour scheme, it definitely has a personal yet businesslike feel to it. It exceeds what I was expecting to receive and the inclusion of animation on the services section makes it that bit more interesting for visitors to my site.."

Tina Price - Managing Director - TP Tourism Consultants
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