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About This Project

RockGuardz was launched after superbike rider and Company founder, Ian Walker decided that he would get fit for the upcoming season by taking up mountain biking. After a gruelling winter of getting back in shape, Ian fell in love with his newly acquired hobby and the adventurous joys that came with it.
Ian came to the realisation that much like him; many other people can get in shape doing something enjoyable. Ian began to build bikes and advertise them for sale through sites like eBay. Once he began converting an increase of sales he decided that the next step was to launch an eCommerce website dedicated to mountain bikes.

From the ground up, we built RockGuardz an eCommerce website which listed their many products in an easy-to-purchase format within a theme that tastefully fashioned their niche to all visitors. RockGuardz’ website served as the perfect platform to display their company’s products and fascinating story in a neatly organised, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate medium. We are happy to see Ian continuing to inspire people to get in great shape through an exciting, alternative hobby.