11 Jun 2018
Shropshire Business Awards
On the 15th of June 2018, the ‘Shropshire Chamber of Commerce’ will be holding their…
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wordpress image
24 Apr 2018
Why you should consider WordPress
WordPress has evolved throughout the years into one of the most popular and versatile Content…
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16 Apr 2018
Edward Fellows Joins Our Digital Team
Verve are pleased to welcome Edward Fellows to the team. He has joined us to add even more expertise…
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04 Jan 2018
GDPR: The Buzzword of 2018
GDPR is going to be the buzzword of 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect…
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30 Nov 2017
Welcome to the team
Verve are pleased to welcome Sarai Gil to the team. Sarai joined us as Lead Graphic Designer in…
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30 Nov 2017
7 ways to improve your website conversion
When building and optimising a website quite often we find clients get too absorbedĀ in trying to…
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23 Nov 2017
Improve Your Customer Experience With Load…
Whether your website contains lots of content, such as blog articles, or a large inventory of…
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10 Oct 2017
How to improve your website using a UX audit
For any website, in particular, e commerce sites, measuring visitors and conversions is a way to…
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outsourcing web development overseas - yes or no?
12 Sep 2017
Outsourcing your web development overseas:…
Choosing to build a website for your new company, or update an existing one can be a big decision…
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Securing your website
22 Aug 2017
Chrome Warning On Non HTTPS Contact Form…
As of October 2017, Google Chrome will display a non-secure warning for all web pages that are not…
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13 Jun 2017
How Heat Mapping Can Help to Improve…
How Heat Mapping Can Help to Improve Conversions   With any commercial website, the ultimate…
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What is Schema Markup
25 May 2017
What is schema markup?
What is schema markup?   Schema markup is a markup vocabulary for structured data, developed by…
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