16 Apr 2018
Edward Fellows Joins Our Digital Team
Verve are pleased to welcome Edward Fellows to the team. He has joined us to add even more expertise…
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22 Feb 2018
Increase Sales With A OneStepCheckout…
When our client, Simply Baby, approached us with a task to help reduce the number of customers…
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14 Feb 2018
A Month In Search: January 2018
Google’s Comprehensive Guide To Featured Snippets Featured snippets appear in Google search…
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19 Jan 2018
A Month In Search: December 2017
December has been a busy month in the world of search. Verve has recapped 4 big stories that affect…
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search engine news november 2017 verve
14 Dec 2017
A Month In Search: November 2017
Google Mobile Rolls Out Curved Results Boxes Since 2013, the design of Google mobile search results…
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23 Nov 2017
Improve Your Customer Experience With Load…
Whether your website contains lots of content, such as blog articles, or a large inventory of…
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search engine marketing news
11 Nov 2017
A Month In Search: October 2017
Verves monthly blog rounds up news from the world of search each month. This month we find out what…
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a month in search sept 2017
10 Oct 2017
A Month In Search: September 2017
Verve‚Äôs latest roundup of news from the world of search for September 2017.   Google Stops…
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Google search image
26 Sep 2017
Beginners Guide To The Google Search Engine
As a Digital Marketing Manager, I am not often asked the question what is Google? But I have lost…
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11 Sep 2017
A Month In Search: August 2017
Another month has passed in the world of search and a lot has changed. Verve has rounded up some…
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Securing your website
22 Aug 2017
Chrome Warning On Non HTTPS Contact Form…
As of October 2017, Google Chrome will display a non-secure warning for all web pages that are not…
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Google Instant Retires
16 Aug 2017
A Month In Search: July 2017
Google Instant – Retired In 2010 Google launched a new feature for their search engine titled…
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