Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, in a nutshell, is the process of improving a website or page’s visibility in unpaid search engine results. Terms such as ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are frequently used to describe such activity. Google and other search engines are built to analyse the quality and relevance of a page for a given search to return what it calculates to be the optimum results for the user. Another important factor for SEO is domain authority – the higher value the better. This is calculated with an algorithm that analyses – amongst other things – the number and quality of links from other web pages.

Achieving high search engine rankings is a job that demands constant attention. Not only do you have to stay ahead of the millions of pages that could be competing with yours, you also need to keep up to date with the constantly changing algorithms and metrics that search engines used.

Long gone are the days of stuffing web pages full of keywords and piling up stacks of backlinks; SEO is now significantly more advanced.  Although keywords are still a fundamental element of any SEO strategy, how and where to use them is much more important. Think: “How does my web page best answer the questions my users have?” rather than “How does my web page rank for this query?” Hummingbird, Google’s latest algorithm update, has optimised searches for people not engines; choosing websites and pages that best answer a user’s query through deep, rich content, useful internal and external links, contact information, and high-quality, organised, user-friendly information.

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We research your business and work out the best way to display your products and services to your audience. Backlinks are still important, but only high quality ones which are relevant to your niche. We only link to your site through significant corporate directories and blogs that help Google recognise that your site is reputable and worth visiting. All of our SEO methods are of top quality, Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird proof, and aim to improve the browsing experience for each of your visitors.

Within any website, no matter how large or small, there are numerous things that can be done to improve SEO – but it takes time and expertise to get it right.

At Verve, we have a team of Google accredited experts who are constantly researching the latest trends and updates in SEO, so that we can help your website to stay a step ahead of the competition.

SEO Services

  • Technical Audit

    Which on page SEO aspects are hindering your search engine ranking potential? Can Google easily crawl & index your web pages? Every SEO campaign should begin with a technical audit. Without knowing the current state of a domain it is extremely difficult to get your site where it needs to be. We will check the source code, site structure, content and perform a full investigation of your current back link profile. Enquire today for a free SEO Technical Audit.

  • Keyword & Competitor Analysis

    Are you targeting the right keywords? Is your current strategy way off the mark or could a few small changes mean significantly more visitors to your site? What strategies are your competitors following? It is a fundamental requirement of every SEO campaign that there is a list of targeted keywords. By spending time, understanding your niche, investigating your competitors and researching highly-profitable keywords we can attract visitors at each part of their purchase path (without making unrealistic promises that we can’t keep).

  • Penalty and Link Removal

    Have you seen a drop in search traffic? Received a manual penalty notification or been hit by some vengeful zoo animals (Penguins & Pandas)? Our team of SEO consultants have a plethora of experience in link audits & back link profiles. We can and have helped websites recover from Google algorithmic penalties, technical issues or even changes to the results for your most powerful keywords. These are all potential causes that we have experience resolving, putting your business back on track is our priority.

  • Onsite SEO

    Ongoing on-page and technical optimisation is a key requirement of any successful SEO strategy. Verve can help lay the foundations for a sturdy and structurally sound campaign, optimised for growth. By analysing the structure of your site and ensuring that your pages are optimised for the correct keywords you increase the chances of search engines easily finding the most important pieces of your site’s content.

  • Link Building

    Links are a vote of confidence in your website, they give search engines an independent review that your site is of both quality and relevance to your targeted customers. Gone are the days of bought or exchanged links being an option to help build a quality back link profile; users must now earn their link related rewards. By using varying content formats using existing assets and also creating new ones, we can help acquire relevant links to targeted pages on your website, this will help to elevate your rankings for search terms that are most rewarding and relevant to your brand. Verve will devise a strategy around your targeted keywords, whilst managing your brand within the boundaries and guidelines that you decide.

  • Content Marketing

    At the heart of any successful marketing campaign is compelling content; Verve’s team of creative’s can help create unique material that craves to be shared and talked about in mainstream media, industry leading publications, websites and blogs. This should never be about directly selling, but building your brand identity and providing value for your visitors. Successful content marketing drives awareness and social mentions with linkable content and should be an essential component of any SEO campaign.

  • Outreach

    The creation of fantastic marketing content should never be the end of the campaign. With the size of the web and the amount of new content published each and every day even the most exceptional content can easily be hidden. Verve will use SEO outreach to ensure that your content gets noticed. Building relationships with industry experts and personalities helps increase the possibility of attracting more users to your site.

  • Infographics & Interactive Content

    Our digital marketers work along side our team of creatives, designers and developers to research, design and create jaw-dropping infographics and interactive content to help your brand get shared on social media sites and the web. Our Infographics & Interactive Content provide a platform through which to get across your information in a digestible, on point, and engaging manner.

  • Reporting

    Understanding the success and results of our SEO efforts is an essential requirement to make future business decisions. At the end of each month we will provide tailored & detailed SEO reports on the statistical results of your active campaigns. We live and breath analytical data, these deliverables can then be linked back to the investment in SEO.

Knowing how search engines work is essential to having a high ranking website. Luckily here at Verve, our SEO experts keep up with the ever changing world of search engines so you don’t have to. We can create optimised websites from scratch or improve existing domains to bring increased web traffic to your business. Search Engine Optimisation services can improve traffic, quality of click through, sales and overall activity on your site.


Any marketeer needs a little helping hand every now and then! Fortunately for you, the Verve SEO Experts have put together a great guide.


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